Fresh Eyes

Event planning and concepting requires foresight; follow through and attention to detail. You need to see the big picture as well as the tiniest of details. You need vision, which is why we started CoMotion Events.

Fresh Concepts

Good concepts comes from the collision of smaller hunches. We are experts to create a space where hunches get time to incubate, mingle and swap. And at the end we borrow and combine these hunches in a one-off concept.

Better Results

Through a one-off concept you can outsmart the competition and create your own market.

Upcoming events


Marathon via Belgica 2016

Saturday the 22th of October, 2016
Übach-Palenberg (Germany) - Maastricht
42 km 195 meter
Kerstmannenloop 400

Santa Run Valkenburg 2016

Still unknown
Valkenburg (South-Limburg)
5 km
Fun Run

New Year’s Climb 2016 for Pink Ribbon

Still unknown
Valkenburg (South-Limburg)
2,5 km (as often as you like)
Walk & Run

Wandel4daagse Zuid-Limburg 2017

Wednesday the 3th of may, 2017
7 km - 15 km - 30 km - 45 km
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